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Get benefits with different types of Agent

What you will get?

Basic Agent
Advance Agent
Atecl Agent
(Join Our Team)
Commission of the project
[Percentage of Total Price – not include Tax]
Status of agent
Staff [With Basic Salary]
Markup Our [Atecl] Quotation Price to Customer
What we [Atecl] will provide for you
1 Atecl Agent
1 Developer
Full Team Support
Website Knowledge & Technical Support
Get New Project from our [Atecl] Project Pool
What you will handle in every project
Pass Potential Customers to Atecl Agent
Communicate with Customer
Collect Website requirements with the Customer
Full Project Manage
Who is the most suitable candidate for this position
Suitable Candidate
Freelance Designer,
Digital Company,
Design Company, ex..
Who looking for Sale/Project Manager Position
Website Knowledge
Will provide in-house training
Customer Communication and Project Management Experience
Will provide in-house training
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